How to Get Better with Git

How to Get Better with Git


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Git is a version control tool that any developer would benefit from learning. Using git allows you to save your code as you make changes, and you can see what changes have been made over time. When working with other developers, knowing git makes it easy to collaborate on projects. This includes open-source and side projects as well as when you are working on a dev team.

Over the years, I've had practice using Git. I feel pretty good with the basics such as setting up new projects on GitHub, creating branches, resolving conflicts, and contributing to open source or other team projects. I tend to stick to the git commands most familiar to me without trying new concepts, so I'm ready to step things up.

What's your git level?

Knowing your git level of knowledge is the first step to improve your skills. Samuel Faure wrote How to Learn Git Slowly where he outlines six levels of knowledge. Refer to Samuel's guide as it can serve as a roadmap for your git level-up strategy.

Here are some ideas and free git resources to help you boost your git know-how:


E-books can serve as resources you come back to whenever you want to review a concept or look something up.

Git Cheat Sheets

Keep git cheat sheets handy as you work. You might also want to create one of your own.

Git Courses

Dedicate some time to complete a git course and keep applying your knowledge through the course material or with your side projects. Check out these courses which vary in length depending on how you want to structure your learning.

Interactive Resources

One of the best ways to learn something is to practice it, so give these two resources a try.

  • With Git Immersion, you'll complete short challenges on your local computer as you learn basic git commands.

  • Learning Git Branching guides you through visuals as you use git commands and create branches.

Pair program with others

If you have a mentor or work with a team of developers, take some time to pair program. Not only will you improve your coding skills, you'll have a chance to see the other developer's techniques with git. To them, their methods might come naturally so they may not think what they are doing is anything special.

Watch developer live streams or tutorials

You typically watch a live coding session for the actual content, but there is also another layer of learning by noticing how the developer works with git and uses various commands and shortcuts.


When you understand git, you find this common ground among many kinds of developers who also use git. Taking the time to practice git and dive deeper into the various levels of knowledge will help you become a better developer and teammate. Being well-versed with git could help you stand out when applying for jobs and well as making you better prepared when being onboarded to a new company or team.

What's your git story? Are you new or a pro with git? Any helpful tips you can share?

Photo courtesy of Lagos Techie on Unsplash